Thomas Friedman is right….Pass the Books. Hold the Oil.

Thomas Friedman is right. It is only “great to have oil, gas and diamonds,” if “they’re used to build schools and a culture of lifelong learning.


In Mozambique, the prospect of billions of dollars of revenues from recently discovered natural gas and coal present a tremendous developmental opportunity for investment in future generations.

With capital inflows for investment in the mining and gas sectors forecasted to reach above $60 billion by 2018, the Government of Mozambique has the opportunity to plan sustainable increases in social sector financing.

Expected revenues could reverse the reality that only 15% of its children complete primary school and almost 45% of its children lose precious cognitive skills through stunting in their early years.

Investments in the extractive sector can be leveraged to ensure that public finances through taxes and royalties benefit Mozambique’s children and their families in an equitable manner.

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  1. avatar Stephan Demateis,

    Let’s hope that Mozambique takes the money and does 2 things with it. First, meet its immediate needs of feeding the hungray and providing proper medical care for its people. Second, building the proper infrastructure for its future, including a quality education system.