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Government Revenues – the only real benefit from the extractive sector?

Advocates of natural resource extraction in developing countries commonly list five benefits: economic growth, employment, infrastructure, community investments, and government revenue.

Our conclusion is unambiguous: the overwhelming benefit is government revenues. Here’s a roundup of why…

“Minerals will not solve all our problems…” says President Guebuza.

President Guebuza

(2012-05-10) Mozambican President Armando Guebuza warned on Monday that the social and economic problems faced by Mozambicans will not be solved simply through the exploitation of mineral resources, but through integrating the mining sector with other areas of the economy.

Guebuza was speaking in London at a meeting with the Mozambican community resident in Britain.

He recognised that Mozambique could have a brilliant future thanks to the mineral resources it possesses, and others that may be discovered in the future. However, this will only come about gradually.

“The minerals we have discovered will not give their best results immediately”, he said. “It will take time for us to recover the investments made, It will take time but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have gains. We shall gain from the jobs created and the taxes paid. Gradually there will be benefits, although not at the level that would be desirable”.

“This situation is creating impatience”, Guebuza admitted. “But we must keep a cool and clear head, because the benefits will come”.