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Government Revenues – the only real benefit from the extractive sector?

Advocates of natural resource extraction in developing countries commonly list five benefits: economic growth, employment, infrastructure, community investments, and government revenue.

Our conclusion is unambiguous: the overwhelming benefit is government revenues. Here’s a roundup of why…

Building the investment case for children

The extractive industries are the most important developmental opportunity and challenge in Mozambique today.  There is great potential for the coal, gas and other mineral resources to act as a driver for development.  There are also large risks involved.  Tete province, the current centre of mining exploration and production, is already one of the poorest provinces in the country with 60% of children experiencing deprivation-based poverty: only 69% of children are in primary school and 48% of children are stunted.  The mining sector is already causing substantial price inflation in the province, particularly for food, which will impact poverty rates and the nutritional status of children.  Anecdotal evidence from families in resettlement areas indicate even less access to basic health services and education, while long term environmental effects may lead to even more precarious livelihoods for the populations in and around the mines in the years to come.

All aboard the Social Policy blog

In Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland, Alice asks the Cheshire cat to tell her the way to go. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” answers the cat. “I don’t much care where,” Alice replies, “as long as I get somewhere.” The cat responds, “Oh, you’re sure to do that, if only you walk long enough.”

Alice in Wonderland

Social policy is about achieving social outcomes in cost-effective ways. It’s the final destination of the long path of sustainable development. But choosing the ‘right’ route (the means) to achieve those goals is as important as the final destination. And understanding the bumps and detours along the way makes all the difference…

The Chapa will take us down that road, asking questions at each stop and collecting innovative ideas along the way. <

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